Mt.Manaslu 8163m

Manaslu expedition in Nepal – ultimate climb of 8000 meter peak in the Himalayas.

The Manaslu expedition is a complete climbing adventure of a 8000 meter peak in the fabulous Himalaya. It is the 8th highest mountain and is located in the restricted trekking region of Manaslu in mid west Nepal which unfolds the diverse landscape and challenging climbing experience. Manaslu Peak (8163 m) towers steeply above its surrounding peaks and is the most spectacular, dominant mountain when viewed from afar. The Manaslu expedition is much more technical and challenging than Cho Oyu and Sishapangma, so each climber has to have excellent physical and mental preparation as well as a high level of climbing proficiency and altitude adeptness at higher elevation. Mountain Monarch offers a complete service to maximize the success of achieving the summit of Manaslu.


Day 01:Arrival in Kathmandu Airport and Hotel transfer

Day 02:Preparation, Briefings, Last minute shopping and formalit

Day 03:Drive 6hrs from Kathmandu to Arughat(950m); Lodge

Day 04:Trek 5hrs from Arughat to Khanchok(950m); Lodge

Day 05:Trek 5hrs from Khanchok to Sotikhola (1165m); Lodge

Day 06:Trek 5hrs from Sotikhola to Machhakhola(1330m); Lodge

Day 07:Trek 6hrs from Machhakhola to Jagat(1350m); Lodge

Day 08:Trek 5hrs from Jagat to Ngyak(2300m); Lodge

Day 09:Trek 6hrs from Ngyak to Namrung(2550m)

Day 10:Trek 5hrs from Namrung to Syalla village (3150m

Day 11:Trek 7hrs from Syalla Village to Sama Gaun(3780m)

Day 12:Rest and acclimatization day at Sama Village

Day 13:Trek 6hrs from Sama Village to Manaslu Base Camp (4700m)

Day 14-41:Climbing period; summit Manaslu (8163m)

Day 42:Preparation to return to Kathmandu; Clean Base Camp

Day 43:Trek 5hrs from Base Camp to Sama village(3780m)

Day 44:Trek 5hrs from Sama village to Namrung(2550m)

Day 45:Trek 4hrs from Namrung to Philim village (2300m)

Day 46:Trek 6hrs from Philim Village to Machakhola(1330m),

Day 47:Trek 5hrs from Machakhola, to Soti Khola (1165m)

Day 48:Trek 4hrs from Soti, Khola to Arughat(950m)

Day 49: Drive 7hrs from Arughat to Kathmandu by tourist mini bus; hotel accommodation


Manaslu Expedition Route: We follow the Burigandaki valley trail up to Samagoan and our first acclimatization day is scheduled at 4600 meters before we head up to Manaslu Base Camp at 4750 m. On the Manaslu Glacier, we carefully follow the bamboo marker wands and use fixed ropes to cross the serious crevasses and dangerous sections. We make our Manaslu Expedition Camp 1 at 5700 metes at the bottom of the North Peak right above the glacier on a protected area.

Expedition Camp 2 is located at the safe section of the climb on a relatively flat area at 6400 metres although while at this campsite there can be a lot of snow accumulation. The climb from Camp 2 to Camp 3 is one of the shortest days and only takes around 3 hours. We make our Camp 3 at the elevation of 6800 meters just below the col to avoid the very strong winds so we ensure that all our tents are anchored properly. The route continues up the remaining glacier climbing steep sections of snow and ice with safety towards Camp 4 at 7400 meter which is the last camp on our Manaslu expedition. Finally we have to traverse past sadly exposed remnants of former expeditions – smashed tents and dumped garbage – to reach the Summit Camp – a tiring day involving a 6 to 8 hours climb.

Manaslu climbing expedition Summit Day starts in the late evening and the route heads immediately up a moderate slope from the summit camp before arriving at the first of the summit tables. The route climbs three separate levels before arriving at the final pyramid slope. From here another short steep slope below the immediate summit is climbed until we reach the pre – summit. The ultimate summit is reached by an exposed technical traverse for around a distance of 70 meters – this section needs to have fixed ropes in place. The climb from Camp 4 to the fantastic summit takes between 6-9 hours with 3-5 hours for the descent to Camp 4. Next day we return to Base Camp to end our successful attempt to climb magnificent Manaslu. We use trusted climbing tents on while on our challenging expedition climb to Manaslu Peak.